50 Years Combined Experience Says Not All In-Ground Pools are Built the Same!


In-Ground Pools – All pools are not built the same. That’s the philosophy we live by at Springfield Pool and Spa. We want our pools to last, providing years of enjoyment to you and your family. No matter what type or size or shape you want, we will build it using only quality materials rated at or most times better than specifications call for. We choose only vendors that stand behind their products. Our employees have over 50 combined years of experience on the job, and it shows. All pools are not made equal, and we would be proud to show you the difference.

We build two types of pools at Springfield Pool and Spa: gunite and vinyl-lined. Both pools have indefinite useful lives, and have different pro’s and con’s to consider. We do not offer one piece fiberglass pools, as they are prone to problems and limit design creativity.

We invite you to read more about the types of pools we offer, visit our photo gallery and then set up a consultation with our construction manage.

You can call our store at (417) 883-8827. We are open year round, and someone is in the office to assist you Monday through Friday.


If you would like to ask questions about construction, or would like to set up a free consultation, use the form below to connect with our construction manager.


Gunite Pools

The sky is the limit when you design a gunite pool. The pool shell is formed out of a special concrete mix, and then covered with a water-proofing layer, like colored or pebbled plaster. The custom form of the pool allows for unique features like beach (or zero) entrances, negative edges, and more. You can also customize your pool by choosing your own tile, color for the plaster, or by adding water features to make your pool stand out. Gunite pools require resurfacing every 7 – 12 years, and can cost as much as 25% or more to build than a vinyl-lined pool of the same square footage. These pools are immensely popular in the commercial sector because of their durability. They are growing in popularity with the residential crowd who are looking for a unique body of water with additional features like spillway spas, or attached fountains or cascades. These pools really stand out.


Vinyl Pools

Vinyl-lined pools are a cost-effective way to build any shape pool. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, a vinyl-lined pool can take any shape you would like, not just rectangle or lagoon anymore. Vinyl-lined pools are constructed by assembling pre-cut steel wall panels. A heavy duty patterned vinyl liner is then placed over the structure. With vinyl-lined pools you can customize your pool by choosing your liner pattern, coping and deck type, and adding features like dive boards, slides, and more.


No matter which pool you choose, from a small exercise pool to a large party showpiece, you can rest assured knowing that your pool will be built by a respected business in the Springfield community. We understand that a swimming pool is one of the larger investments you can make in your home, and consider our customer’s satisfaction our highest goal.

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