A7L 6 Person Hot Tub


Comprehensive Therapy in a Mid-Size Hot Tub

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The A7L is a well proportioned mid-size hot tub that provides a perfect combination of massage types in several of the most comfortable spa seats available in any spa of this size. With 5 JetPaks, each in a unique seat, you will be able to enjoy a full range of soothing hydromassages. The A7L also includes a premium bent-knee lounger with hip, calf, and foot jets that combine with the JetPak of your choice to create a blissful full body relaxation experience.



Shell Color:

JetPak Color:

Cabinet Color:

Pump 1:
2.5HP 240V Pump 60Hz 2 speed

Pump 2:
2.5HP 240V Pump 60Hz 2 speed

Jet Face Style:
Brushed Stainless Steel Jet Trim

Control Box:
Control Box YT-7 (A/STIL) 60Hz

Control Pad Master:
A1000 Control Pad

Seat 1:
204 NeckBlaster 86 GPM

Seat 2:
219 Trio 69 GPM

Seat 3:
208 Lumbar 36 GPM

Seat 4:
209 Wellness 49 GPM

Seat 5:
217 Versa 50 GPM

Custom Options:(6)
WellSpring™ Filtration Pump 65-2120
Auxiliary Jet Control 65-00969
Auxiliary Jet Control 65-00969
Premium Exterior LED Lighting 55-1215
WellSpring™ High Output Ozone 45-1325
Premium LED Surround Lighting 55-1231

Chocolate Patio Performance Spa Cover 45-01102
Covermate- I Cover Lifter 45-1040