Springfield Pool and Spa proudly sells and services all of the hot tubs in the Hot Springs line. We are a full service dealership, we can replace your cover when it gets heavy, repair or replace defective parts, or move the spa for you if you move! We also trade in used models if you decide you want a new spa.

We also carry a decent inventory of universal parts. If you have another brand of spa, bring in the part you need and we will get it for you.

If you are having problems with your spa, and would like to do some preliminary tests on your own, we highly recommend going through the following guides, they have solutions to some of the easy problems, including spas surging, not heating, or lights flashing on the control panel:

Quick Tips HS-SOL.doc – Guide gives chemical instructions for all spas, and common troubleshooting tips for Hot Spot and Solana spas.

Quick Tips HSS-LL-TR.doc – Guide gives chemical instructions for all spas, and common troubleshooting tips for Hot Springs, Limelight, and Tiger River Spas.

For Owner’s Manuals to any spas listed above, click on the appropriate link.
For FreeFlow Spas –  Click Here 
For Hot Springs Spas – Click Here
For Tiger River Spas – Click Here
For Limelight Spas – Click Here
For Hot Spot Spas – Click Here
For Solana Spas – Click Here

Spa Moves

Springfield Pool & Spa provides moving services for all of the spas that we sell. Need your spa moved from one address to another? We can get your spa to its new home safely. Spa moves require some pre-planning, so be sure and take these things into account:

  • Is the access at the new location wide enough to accommodate the height of the spa?
  • Are there any raised decks or steps needing special planning?
  • Can the existing subpanel or electrical service be taken from the old location to the new? If yes, you will also need an electrician to move the electrical service before we move the spa.
  • Will you be able to drain the spa prior to the move?
  • Any other special circumstances that might require extra men, equipment, etc.?

All of these things will affect the cost of your spa move. If you can have the answers to these questions handy when you call to schedule, we will make sure that your spa move goes as smoothly as possible. Call our store to schedule your spa move at (417) 883-8827.
Equipment Repair and Replacement
Springfield Pool & Spa provides equipment repair services for all of the spas that we sell, including warranty work! We can accurately and quickly diagnose problems with your spa, sometimes even over the phone. If you have an issue with a Hot Spring, Tiger River, Limelight, Hot Spot or Solana spa, give us a call. We can provide you with troubleshooting advice, quotes on repairs and answer any questions you might have. We use only OEM manufacturer parts, so you can rest assured that your spa will run like new when we are done. Call our store to schedule a service call at (417) 883-8827.

Weekly Maintenance

Springfield Pool & Spa provides maintenance services for all spas that we sell. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we can come out and make sure your spa chemicals are balanced, your filters are clean, and everything is working in tip top shape. Cost for this service depends on the number of visits and location of the spa. Call us to receive your quote for maintenance service at (417) 883-8827.

Drain and Clean

Springfield Pool & Spa provides clean out services for all spas that we sell. Too busy to drain the water and give your spa the scrubbing that it needs? We can do that for you, from draining the old water to cleaning the interior of the spa and spa filters, refilling your spa and making sure that all components work upon fill up. Call us to receive your quote for drain and clean service at (417) 883-8827.

Spa Covers

Only a Hot Spring® spa cover is designed specifically for your Hot Spring spa. When it comes time for a replacement, never settle for an imitation. Covers shown above are for current models in Ash, Rust, Espresso and Spruce. Other colors may be available for older Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot, and Solana spas. Check with our store for all cover color options.
Hot Spring covers are made with heavy duty marine grade vinyl, 2 lb. density foam cores, and extra seam stitching to provide you with a superior spa cover! Plus all Hot Spring spa covers are compatible with Hot Spring lift mechanisms (excluding Solana covers).

Springfield Pool & Spa can install your new cover to your existing cover lifter, and take your old heavy cover away for you! Call us today for a quote to replace your old cover at (417) 883-8827.

Springfield Pool & Spa also offers Prestige brand spa covers for all other hot tub brands if you do not have a Hot Spring spa. These covers are made to order. Download the spec sheet below, fill it out and bring it in to the store to order your cover. Prestige covers take 2 to 3 weeks to come in after your order is placed. As always, if you have questions about how to measure your spa cover, call us at (417) 883-8827. We will be happy to help you.

For Non-HotSpring Spa Covers Click Here

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