A8L 7 Person Hot Tub


A Therapy Hot Tub with Versatility and Space

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The A8L is a roomy 7-person therapy hot tub with a variety of seating options for total relaxation. The comfortable seats include a premium bent-knee lounger and a therapeutic corner captain’s chair, along with your choice of 6 unique JetPaks. This spa has a therapy options to suit every need, yet maintains ample space for socializing. The A8L offers a you a different hydrotherapy experience in each seat. It’s also great for couples that prefer a variety of seating options. Pick your favorite seat and enjoy.

Size: 7′ 10″ (2.39m) x 7′ 10″ (2.39m) x 38″ (.97m)
Dry Weight: 778 lbs/553 kg
Filled Weight: 6269 lbs/2856 kg
Water Capacity: 504 gal/1908 L



Shell Color:

JetPak Color:

Cabinet Color:

Jet Face Style:
Brushed Stainless Steel Jet Trim

Control Box:
Control Box YT-7 (A/STIL) 60Hz

Control Pad Master:
A1000 Control Pad

Pump 1: 2.5HP 240V Pump 60Hz 2 speed
Pump 2: 2.5HP 240V Pump 60Hz 2 speed
Pump 3: WellSpring™ High Output Ozone 45-1325

Seat 1: 204 NeckBlaster 86 GPM
Seat 2: 213 RainShower 42 GPM
Seat 3: 218 Cascadia II 43 GPM
Seat 4: 203 DeepRelief 63 GPM
Seat 5: 210 Spinal’ssage 23 GPM
Seat 6: 209 Wellness 49 GPM

Custom Options:(6)
Auxiliary Jet Control 65-00969
Auxiliary Jet Control 65-00969
A Series Audio 45-2610
Premium Exterior LED Lighting 55-1215
Premium LED Surround Lighting 55-1225
WellSpring™ High Output Ozone 45-1325

Pewter Patio Performance Spa Cover 45-00369